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new embodiment journal for senses beyond

Excitement, nerves, and hope as I published my first Substack post this week, something I’ve been considering for months and now feel ready for: ready to work with my doubts, trust my intent, and offer something that is deeply personal containing a mix of my experience as a Yoga practitioner, trainee in Gestalt Psychotherapy, and many years exploring embodiment and my relationship to the world around me.

On this post, you'll find out more about why Senses Beyond creator, Charlene McAuley, has started this new embodiment community. It's not about telling what to do, but is about wholehearted sharing and inspiration including poetry, prompts for wonder, and discoveries and experiences related to relational living.

For the new Journal home, visit Space to Meander, Wonder, Reflect!

P.s. Extracts from each of the fortnightly newsletters can still be found here.

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