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Private Classes

We work together to understand what you need to feel well and free in movement. I'm first and foremost committed to meeting you where you are by listening and observing, before making recommendations. The first one to two sessions are getting to know your requirements, as you move and talk with me. 

As the sessions continue, your self-knowledge will grow alongside your strength, mobility and confidence. Whilst our work together takes place on the mat, the effect extends far beyond.
Online Programme
Working together via Zoom, we focus on specific areas for a period of time to isolate and integrate.
Available in Graz and the surrounding area.
Hybrid: In-person & Zoom
Available in Graz, Steiermark, and Manchester, North-West. Other locations possible.

Please get in-touch to discuss the right frequency and duration of your classes. From here, the price will be decided.
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Embodied Yoga

Embodied Expression

Therapeutic Wonder

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