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Embodied Yoga


          Yoga is the ancient practice of  yoking together the seemingly separate parts of ourselves. In so doing, we realise separateness does not exist. Mind and body are one and the same thing. We return to our wholeness. 

Embodied Yoga has arisen from various Yoga practices such as Ashtanga with its emphasis on lineage, commitment, and tradition, and functional-based vinyasa uses the Yoga practice to strengthen and mobilise certain areas within a flowing sequence. 

In bringing together the integrity of the Ashtanga practice, and the functionality of  Vinyasa Yoga, there is a potent basis in which to understand our physicality better. We begin to feel ourselves moving and the effect this has.

And yet there's so much more to the Yoga practice.

In Embodied Yoga, we're exploring our movement with a light guiding hand so that alignment is not an outside imposition, but something we discover within by listening to the messages of body-mind.


coming to 

our senses

touching truth

A practice rooted within rules and an outside authority will offer security and to some extent certainty. We will know how to execute a pose according to what someone else has said, and will be given a clear right and wrong. How you move with your precious body is likely to be reduced to angles, metaphors based upon cars and other inanimate objects.

This feels predictable, we are given certainty. Yet predictability and certainty do not sit well with open listening and the precarious, yet fertile place of not knowing.

Embodied Yoga is based upon open listening, a dialogue with ourselves as we practice asana (Yoga postures) and drop into the intelligence of who we are.

When much of our lives is based upon measuring and comparing ourselves to others, do we really want the personal, private act of Yoga to be a continuation of dogmatic instructions based upon "right/wrong" or a place where we come home, take a breath and ask open heartedly: "What is important right now?"In Embodied Yoga, inquiry replaces black/white thinking.

We tune into our body's  innate intelligence and self-directing abilities to harness discernment through listening to ourselves and others.

We move from and into our senses realising we are always connected to this mystery called life.

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Embodied Yoga

Embodied Expression

Therapeutic Wonder

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