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Embodiment Online

A place to delve into embodiment practices, whenever and wherever.  Featuring an extensive and growing library of Embodied Yoga classes, the Embodiment Online Platform is a place of exchanging experiences, knowledge and community.

Bringing together the flexibility of on-demand classes with the tangibility of in-person sessions, this unique offering is a place of inquiry and connection for those wanting to explore embodied movement practices and living.

£9 per month. Unlimited access. Cancel anytime.

On-demand library
An extensive and growing collection of videos to meet you where you are in the moment.
Embodied conversations 
 Practices that bring to life the topics discussed on Charlene's embodiment Substack.
How the Embodiment Online Platform works

Arising from a need for more tangible engagement, the platform is a place for conversation in a considerate online environment. The sharing of experience in embodiment practices and living helps us to sense, perhaps understand, more clearly our body process.
The Platform includes classes that bring to life the topics discussed on her Substack newsletter Space to Meander, Wonder, Reflect, where we have the opportunity to engage one another and share experiences.
Embodiment is not only about our inner process in relation to ourselves, but about how we relate to each other and the environment. The Embodiment Online Platform is a place to share within a caring and considerate community.
Members are free to choose how little or often they engage. You're welcome as you are.

Embodied Yoga

Embodied Expression

Therapeutic Wonder

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