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Weekly Classes

Exploring our individuality within the collective moving, breathing, and being encourages a sense of connection with our fellow practitioners.

Words are not often exchanged outside of verbal guidance, yet one another’s increasing presence creates a sense of kinship, togetherness and common humanity. Such a special experience, an antidote to busy living.

Group sessions involve a loose structure to encourage a unique exploration and heighten self-knowledge. The shared structure gives rise to the ‘group’, and each class participant shapes the collective experience. 
20th January 2024
In-person Embodied Yoga
Studio 17 :: Heaton Moor 
12 - 2:30pm 
Limited to 10 places
Embodying the
Nervous System ::
Online Recording 
2 hours 20 mins
Embodied Yoga
25.05.24 :: Zoom
10am - 11:15am bst

Wednesdays are £7 per session, Saturdays are £9 per session and provides access to the live class and the recording for seven days.
In-person monthly is £30 per session. Refreshments served after the class.

Payment via PayPal or bank transfer.

Charlene McAuley



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Embodied Yoga

Embodied Expression

Therapeutic Wonder

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