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In this 2 hour 20 minute workshop, we explore ourselves from the nervous system with experiential exercises that take theory and place this firmly in your experience. We begin with the evolution of the nervous system, its role and varying functions, before experientially exploring Polyvagal Theory. The aim of this workshop is to understand how we constantly impacted by our nervous system in relationship to the world, how we can develop a compassionate understanding of our responses, how  sensing awakens embodiment, and through awareness we can create more regulation.


The Workshop ends with a Yoga class and Pranayama, and is eligible for 2 hours CPD.


A 12 page handout accompanies the workshop including worksheets.


Embodying the Nervous System Workshop is recorded from the live workshop that took place in Manchester on 28th January 2023. To protect the privacy of the participants, their sharings are not included in this recording. 

Embodying the Nervous System Workshop

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  • Duration (in hours) 2:22 

    Teacher: Charlene McAuley


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