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by Charlene McAuley


           A coming together of expressive, yogic and therapeutic practices evolved from my experience as a multidisciplinary embodiment senior yoga teacher. It is a sensual invitation to move your whole being into the wonder that is intimate, transformative, life affirming presence.

senses beyond

           Every single cell of our 37 trillion is moving and breathing in accordance with who we are right now and unleashing the transformation only found in true whole Self presence.


Senses Beyond is an evolution of expressive, yogic and therapeutic practice for anyone wanting to sensually move into the transformative wonder of presence. The approach has evolved from my personal exploration and teaching of multidisciplinary practices that are weaved together in Senses Beyond to bring you, me, and we, the explorers of this life, into a healing, intimate relationship of body/mind and beyond.

           The ancient practice of Yoga has given rise to the principles of innate wholeness, consciousness, and the mind/body relationship.

Embodiment practices, such as Body Mind Centering, offer an experiential understanding of how every aspect of our living organism influences who we are in the moment, and our movement reflects our mind.

Gestalt Therapy helps us to enter into a loving dialogue with our experience, and how we shape and are shaped by our environment. 

Senses Beyond is a working accumulation of these practices, expressed through Embodied Expression, Embodied Yoga, and Therapeutic Wonder.

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